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Rolex Submariner 5513 Maxi Dial Mk3

Born as an economic version of the Submariner 5512, due to the lack of chronometer certification, the 5513 will become one of the Maison’s flagship models, enjoying great success and remaining in production for 27 years, from 1962 to 1989. The 5513 today is one of the most loved and sought-after vintage watches by collectors all over the world, from the rare Gilt graphics of the early 60’s to the most common Matte dials. The Submariner that we propose stands out for the peculiarity of having the larger plots tritium compared to previous versions earning the nickname of “Maxi Dial” and creating a considerable interest among fans of Rolex Vintage, not for nothing is the most sought after type of the Matte dials. 

Dial: Matte Black dial with Oversized Lume Plots. Correct Mk3.
Case: Stainless Steel. Serial Number 595XXXX.
Movement: Rolex Automatic 1520.
Bracelet: Original 93150 with 580 end links and correct VD clasp code.
Condition: The watch is in very good condition. The dial is flawless with its original tritium. The mercedes hands showing original tritium. The watch case is in excellent condition, maybe unpolished or lightly polished once, the serial number and the reference are perfectly readable. Also the 702 Crown is correct for the watch. The Bezel is in very good condition with correct mk3 insert. The 93150 Oyster bracelet is in very good condition. The Movement runs perfectly and appears in excellent condition. We point out a mark on the right side of the watch (visible in the fourth slide pictures) that could it be polished by a professional Lab but we have chosen to leave the watch case as we found. 
All of our watches comes with unlimited warranty on the originality and two years of warranty on the movement.
Price: On Request
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