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Omega Officer 30T2

During the Second World War, although Sweden declared itself neutral, the Army wanted to ensure that its officers could measure time effectively and therefore ordered a significant number of customized watches that Omega call “Officer”. The case back was engraved “Swedish Antimagnetic-Water resistant-Shockproof”. The Omega Officer was born therefore for exclusive military use. Regarding the identification of who the assignees were, there are some hypotheses; there are those who want them assigned to the Officials, those to the Ordinary Officials (sub-officers), and those to (or, even to) the state officials. Here we propose a nice Omega Officer with the rare bronze dial version.

Dial: Original Bronze dial with luminous index/ hands. Problably relumed.
Case: 30,5 mm Stainless steel. Screw back case back with the assigned number.
Movement: Manual Winding, Omega 26.5.
Bracelet: The watch comes with an original tropic strap 16 mm.
Condition: The watch appears in very good condition, the original dial is in very good condition, index and hands are probably relumed, the case is in very good condition and the assigned number is perfectly readable. The movement is in good condition and runs perfectly.
All of our watches comes with unlimited warranty on the originality and two years of warranty on the movement.
Price: €.890,00


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