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Vulcain Cricket Oversize

Presented by Vulcain in 1947, after 5 years of development on the 120 caliber, it represents the first Alarm Wristwatch. This innovation allowed to earn to the “Cricket” its success and the appellation of “The President’s Watch” because since then, each American president from Harry S. Truman and other eminent figures around the world have owned a Vulcain Cricket watch.

Dial: Original dial, Radium Arabic Numbers.
Case: 37,5 Stainless Steel Case.
Movement: Vulcain 120 Manual Winding.
Bracelet: Generic Beads Of Rice.
Condition: The watch is in very good condition, dial and hands are in very good condition with the original radium. The case is in very good condition, probably polished once. The Movement is in very good condition.
All of our watches comes with unlimited warranty on the originality and two years of warranty on the movement.
Price: €.3.900,00
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